About Us

“People are progressively shutting themselves off from the rest of society by hiding away in the comfort of their own bubble. As people withdraw from one another, the divide between the haves and have-nots continues to grow. We can bridge this gap by programming the public space.”


We are a diverse team with experience in all kinds of fields. Our broad scope enables us to cater to a broad range of people – We fuel inclusivity using architecture and design coupled with psychology, sociology and communication. includi sustainably contributes to the social infrastructure of communities. Discover our core values below.

includi helped us define our vision. The result is the “next level” library of Goes that connects and enriches thanks to design craftsmanship.

Jannie van Vugt Jannie van Vugt Director of Bibliotheek Oosterschelde

With social disparities on the rise as people drift apart, includi is on a mission to revitalize our societies. By bringing social inclusion back to the public domain, we fuel inclusivity.


Working with unique and talented individuals is a privilege. Coming together to create exceptional spaces is always an amazing experience, with tangible results. Every project is special, but some become more special than others.
With sincere gratitude to our clients, who made our work possible, we hereby present some of the awards we have received throughout the years.

Winner Oslo Public Health Award Biblo Tøyen 2018
Winner Norwegian Library of the Year Biblo Tøyen 2017
Winner Norwegian Lighting Award Biblo Tøyen 2016
nominee Belgium library of the year tielt 2014
nominee Belgium library of the year hoeilaart 2014
nominee Dutch library of the year ijsselstein 2012
nominee Dutch library of the year Stadshagen 2012
nominee Dutch library of the year lelystad 2009
nominee Dutch library of the year amstelveen 2009
winner Architecture prize H’meer FLORIANDE 2008
Winner Architecture prize drenthe Schuurhuis 2007
Winner European Library design Antwerpen 2005
Winner Dutch Library of the Year (VN) Amstelveen 2005
Winner Dutch library of the year Amstelveen 2001


To address a global problem, you first need to think local. includi has guided libraries, community centers, governmental organizations and many more around the world on their journey to inclusivity.


We are an extraordinary crew trying to make social inclusion ordinary. Hover over the images below to get an impression of who we are.