Quick Library Makeover

Uncategorized 26 Jan 2017

The quick library makeover is an extremely efficient alternative to hiring a standard architect with a time-consuming design process. Why not avoid the hassle of a long-term project and simply continue operating as usual? Take your space from drab to fab with quick architectural and interior design solutions, custom-made by me for you.

A fresh perspective on library architecture

When you are exposed to a space continuously, you tend to lose the ability to see potential changes. A fresh pair of architectural eyes will help you bring your interior back to life. So why do libraries seek out makeovers? For a variety of reasons: mostly due to RFID implementation, a shift to other service concepts, the search for a new collection segmentation or simply because they want to change the way they look. Libraries take the initiative by asking for guidance, and are provided with ideas that they can choose from. When you are unsure how to proceed, I draw clarity.

A fresh pair of architectural eyes will help you bring your interior back to life.

Aat Vos Aat Vos Creative Guide

So how does it work, exactly? I come over to your place, and we’ll have workshops to discuss some ideas. I then stay around and work through the night so that I have the raw version of all the ideas ready to present to you, the following day. I hand you over a tailor-made design, encompassed in a book of ideas and solutions. My proposed solutions usually include tips such as floor plans, ideas, capacity calculations, sketches and of course creative inspiration with reference images, furniture proposals, color schemes and more.

Making the library design makeover happen

This book of design enables you to brief suppliers, which can then change your library for you. Your approach for implementation depends on your demands, the size and location of your library and the complexity of the job. Feel free to contact me and inquire about your personal price.

At this point you might be wondering whether others have done this before. The answer is yes. I have been fortunate enough to work with various libraries and gain experience. I have been doing makeovers in the Netherlands for over two decades, as well as in Germany, Belgium and the UK since 2008. Most recently, I have also started in Norway. The average Quick Library Makeover lasts a maximum of a week, from start to finish. Many times, it’s even faster: about two days.



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