Inclusivity starts with listening as the main activity.

Our products enable you to grasp and convey concepts while gaining the necessary input from your stakeholders. Use them for a solid foundation complemented by inspiration and detailed ideas for creating a successful third place.


Despite our digital lifestyles, it’s nice to have something tangible to refer back to. We’ve put pen to paper to collect the best insights from thought leaders on the importance of social infrastructure. Books offer intimate and extensive inspiration for social inclusion, ready for you to flip through a range of ideas at your own pace.

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These fun and simple card games give you a 360-degree view of the potential of your new venue, library, restaurant, cultural facility or any public place with the goal of social inclusion. Play it with your team or use it as an easy user-investigation tool to envision, experiment, pair and test a seemingly endless number of possibilities.

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These tools inspire the go, fitting comfortably into your pocket or backpack. Made of sturdy papers joined together at the corner, each nifty fan offers you a comprehensive collection of 100 physical and non-physical elements. Visual and practical, hundreds of possibilities fan out to cover every base, helping you plan out your Third Place.

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